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Historic Chicago Bungalow

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By Montor

Historic Chicago Bungalow

Chicago South Shore Bungalow. Click the photo for a larger view.

About My Bungalow

My Bungalow is a Prairie Style Historic Chicago Bungalow built in 1919. It's located in the South Shore neighborhood in Chicago, which gained official status on the National Register of Historic Places in March 2009. Original details that were not changed or altered:

  • Twin stained glass windows set over the fireplace.
  • Flanking on both sides of the fireplace are book cases with the original lead glass doors.
  • Mahogany crown molding and wood trim along with oak floors throughout the home.

When we moved in, we found mortgage statements, electric bills, bank statements, and photos from the original owner.

Favorite Details

My Prairie Style Historic Chicago Bungalow sets a on corner and boasts a massive appearance. The house has two chimneys and a screened porch, which gives the home a grand appeal. I love the architectural details of the home. The roof lines are very noticeable. It has straight lines with peaks and valleys on the street side, and a curved shape over the dining room to accompany the curved windows on the yard side of the home.

The arched entry way is a classic detail of the architecture. I love that there plenty of windows throughout the home, which makes it feel light and airy. I love neutral oak floor, mahogany crown molding and trim. My most favorite detail is the French folding lead glass doors that separate the dining room and living room.

Lessons Learned

  • When we replaced the roof last year I wanted to change the roof from the asphalt shingles to clay tiles. I didn't; we kept the shingles. I can only imagine the look of the home with a clay tile roof.

Jackie Craven, About.com Architecture, says:

What a wonderful and beautifully preserved Bungalow! The square pillars and brick construction are typical of the Chicago Bungalow style. Here's another example: 1925 Chicago Bungalow in Skokie, Illinois

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