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Expanded Bungalow

Submit an Entry: Is your house a Bungalow?

By Rick Heis

Expanded Bungalow

1920 house

Expanded Bungalow

1920 house back

About My Bungalow

Morgantown, West Virginia. Under contract to purchase it, should be closed in a couple weeks.

Is this a craftsman bungalow? If not what style is it? We would like to restore it back to original with some modern tweaks...i.e. insulation, update windows, more efficient heat/AC, etc.

Favorite Details

It has a lot of the features of a bungalow, possibly craftsman style. Basement is unfinished and rough looking. First floor has some great floors and woodworking. Needs a lot of TLC. The roof is pretty new but the water damage to the upper floor will have to be repaired. Probably go with drywall this time around instead of lathe.

Lessons Learned

  • Probably should have paid a little more to the inspector and negotiated better cause it needs alot of TLC, not to mention adding insulation, and figuring out what they have added over the years.

Jackie Craven, About.com Architecture, says:

What an interesting house! From the front, it appears to be a traditional shed-roofed bungalow, similar in shape to the Sears Craftsman House Plan No. 29. But from the rear, your home is something very different. It looks as though the former owners expanded the living space by constructing a large 2-story addition. I'll bet that you have some surprising discoveries as you begin working on the house.

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