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Cleveland Bungalow

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By gettemeh2o

Cleveland Bungalow

Winter in Cleveland, Ohio

About My Bungalow

1920s Bungalow

Favorite Details

The banisters on the Front Porch are 3 1/4" wide, which cannot be found anymore unless you have them custom made. I also love the detail around the windows of the front of the house and doors. The Interior has French doors all throughout and built in corner china cabinets. There are wall to wall solid wood floors throughout entire house.

Lessons Learned

  • I always choose to paint the house rather than taint the original character with siding. The house has ornate solid wood brackets under the eves which would have been masked had I sided.
  • I also take care of the shingles and have a spare box of them in case any of those slip.
  • When restoring an old house such as this it is very important to maintain the original style and not add anything out of standard for a traditional craftsman bungalow, such as contemporary decking or additions. Stay true to the original character of the era from which these houses derive.

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