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Colors to Go With a Black Roof

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By Frank

Colors to Go With a Black Roof

Front view

Colors to Go With a Black Roof

I love color in the landscape!

Paint Colors

Body Color: Svelte Sage

White Trim

Black Roof & Shutters

Paint Brand

Sherwin Williams

About My House

My house was originally gray with white trim.

Why I Chose These Colors

I love green, white, and black together! The Svelte Sage is the perfect color for the body of the house. It is sometimes lighter or darker depending on the angle that the sunlight hits it. The front door and shutters are a gloss black and look very rich. The architectural shingles are a deep black also. These colors really stand out together and the white soffit and fascia add just the right amount of high contrast that is needed to make the whole paint job POP! I receive a lot of compliments on this paint scheme and people are always asking, "What exact color is the green on your house?" I am always happy to write the color down for them.

One caution though; the roof must be black. If the roof is any other color, I doubt this green would be as interesting as it is with the black roof. I am completely happy with these colors and would use them again if I ever moved.

Tips and Tricks

  • The shingles must be black. The black roof with the white fascia makes the whole color palette work.
  • The shutters must also be a gloss black for that rich look.
  • The window frames must be white for contrast.

Jackie Craven, About.com Architecture, says:

Thank you for the great tips!

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