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Colors for an Historic Virginia Bungalow

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By ericataylor22

Colors for an Historic Virginia Bungalow

House After

Colors for an Historic Virginia Bungalow

House Before

Paint Colors

Shingles = Roycroft Brass

Siding = Roycroft Suede

Trim = Roycroft Mahogany

Accent = Roycroft Copper Red

Paint Brand

While the paint color names are Sherwin Williams colors, I don't prefer their paint, so we color matched with Benjamin Moore Paint.

About My House

House is a spec. model built in 1922-23 for a local land company, and is similar to houses throughout Roanoke, VA, but not necessarily my neighborhood proper. When purchased was covered in yellow vinyl siding with periwinkle blue accents and white aluminum trim.

After a year's worth of restoration inside and out, it now has its upper story shingles restored and a more appropriate, if not vibrant paint scheme.

Why I Chose These Colors

I worked with a friend who is an interior designer and specializes in historic house colors. I gave her a basic idea of what I was looking for, and since she was familiar with the house she came back with two options. We loved both, but I wanted the red accents rather than a plum color because it stood out from the street.

I should also say I am a historic preservationist, so I wanted to try and stay close in historic style, but still give it a foward-thinking look.

Tips and Tricks

  • Love how the house looks, and am still amazed how many people stop and say they were inspired to make changes to their exterior colors because of it. And that they are not as afriad of bold colors now....quite a compliment to my friend's color choices!

Jackie Craven, About.com Architecture, says:

Beautiful choice!

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