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Fragments | Frammenti

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By viscontigt

Fragments | Frammenti

Fragments | Frammenti. Click the photo for a larger view.

Fragments | Frammenti

Fragments | Frammenti. Click the photo for a larger view.

Project Name and Location

Fragments | Frammenti

Milan, Italy

Designed By


by Silvio De Ponte Architect



About the Project

The Concept event in the La Perla showroom, created by Silvio De Ponte, is based on the concept of Fractal, generating a unique and homogeneous mix, becoming a sort of great embroidery products and establishing a new spatiality. The Fractal is a system constituted by a component module that is multiplied to generate a new complex and articulated scenario, comprising a set of fragments on different scales.

The Fragment is the essential element of a piece of work, and it is an important part of the space.

The Fractal creates a complex and articulated system, it will be multiplied several times and fragmented.


Through this installation made of multifunctional and articulated surfaces, the topic of architectural and design softness will be able to come across. The creation of environments with new sensorial relations will lead the visitor towards a way where perceptive quality creates an innovative and harmonic environment.

The space is designed to stimulate sensorial perceptions by the physical qualities of the elements. Its a mix of natural and artificial materials such as light, sound, touch, water, perfumes, texture and innovative surfaces. A new sustainability of the human being for the human being.

New vertical and horizontal surfaces are planned with the most striking materials to create interest, attention, curiosity and sensation revival.

In this scenic and spectacular frame, there will be a collection of objects and products made of stone such as vases, seats and Nest lamps made of metal. Furthermore there will be in the new collection "braziers", low lamps from earth of stone and metal.

In the exhibition area there will be exposed some of La Perla creations through the creation of archetypal objects, the Hanger and Dividers.

The ensemble of hangers are influenced by natural landscapes: a submerged and stylized marine world.

Dividers are designed as a needlework in a large scale, made of metal, they can take the place of screens in the different environments, they are designed as a fractal construction that multiplies itself many times.

Lessons Learned

  • The event has been thought in collaboration with the Companies in partnership, products and materials will be shown and valued in the general Concept.
  • They will be also shown in the business exhibition area – dedicated to meetings – in this part there will be also the opportunity of focusing on the products of the companies partners.
  • Products will be shown in great displays as a tridimensional “Mood Board”, Fragments | Frammenti

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