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Home For an Extended Family

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By temajo

Home For an Extended Family

View from the gully. Click the picture for a larger view.

Home For an Extended Family

The northern approach. Click the picture for a larger view.

Project Name and Location

Temajo Project - Metung, Victoria, Australia

Designed By

Terry and Jobi Laybourne

About the House Design

We wanted an extended family home for ourselves and our son and his family where we could come together when we wanted but could also be independent when we wanted. We also wanted it to take full advantage of the block and its attributes. As well as that we wanted it to be as "tight" and green as possible as possible.

Important Features

A dual family home is not something councils look at favorably but is something we wanted to achieve. We also wanted to utilize the latest building materials and methods and to take advantage of a beautiful block.


  • We are still learning
  • There is a lot to learn
  • It takes time to work through the design challenges
  • Keep an open mind

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