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Top 10 Frank Lloyd Wright Gifts

Gifts and Collectibles for Fans of Frank Lloyd Wright


If the one you love loves Frank Lloyd Wright, you're in luck. The work of the master has inspired an amazing array of gifts and novelty items. What to pick? Here's our wish list, with gifts ranging from a few dollars up into the thousands. For more ideas, be sure to explore our Frank Lloyd Wright Shopping resources, listed at the end of this page.

1. A Frank Lloyd Wright Companion

The Frank Lloyd Wright Companion
Photo: PriceGrabber.com

Sure, it's expensive, but this hefty volume is a must-have for every lover of Frank Lloyd Wright. Written by William A. Storrer, the book includes plans for Wright's buildings.

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2. Fallingwater LEGO Kit

LEGO Fallingwater Kit
Photo: PriceGrabber.com

From the LEGO architecture series of collectible construction kits, a detailed model of the famous Fallingwater house by Frank Lloyd Wright.

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3. Wright-Style Lamps

Mission Style ceiling light in the Frank Lloyd Wright style
Photo: PriceGrabber.com

Lighting was very important to any Wright design. Table lamps and ceiling lamps are always very popular gift items.

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4. Home Decorators Collection

Throw pillow in the geometric style of Frank Lloyd Wright's design.
Photo: PriceGrabber.com

From table linens to throw pillows, the Home Decorators Collection lets you choose your own Frank Lloyd Wright home decor accent.

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5. Frank Lloyd Wright (Video Documentary)

Frank Lloyd Wright Video Documentary
Photo: PriceGrabber.com
A sweeping biography of Frank Lloyd Wright is presented in this documentary from Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. Some critics say it reveals too much of Wright's private life, but the show is a hit when it airs on PBS. Available in DVD or VHS.
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6. Frank Lloyd Wright World Globe

World Globe designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for the San Marcos in the Desert Hotel
Photo: PriceGrabber.com

Among the many decorative items that Frank Lloyd Wright designed were incredibly detailed world globes with pedestals. Shown here is the desk globe Frank Lloyd Wright designed in 1928 when he was remodeling the San Marcos in the Desert Hotel near Phoenix, Arizona. For other globe styles, click the Compare Prices link below.

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7. Frank Lloyd Wright Jigsaw Puzzle

The stained-glass Saguaro mural that Frank Lloyd Wright designed for the Arizona Biltmore is reproduced in a jigsaw puzzle with 1000 colorful pieces.

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8. Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass

Stained glass panel in a Frank Lloyd Wright design
Photo: PriceGrabber.com

Wright is well-known for leaded glass of geometric patterns. Reproductions of his designs as well as illustrated books always seem to be available.

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9. Frank Lloyd Watches by Bulova

Frank Lloyd Wright Cabaret China Watch from Bulova
Photo: PriceGrabber.com

Bulova makes handsome, durable mineral crystal watches with distinctive Frank Lloyd Wright designs.

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10. Glasner House Mantel Clock

With a wooden base and glass panel, this small clock is inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's art glass window at the 1905 Glasner House in Glencoe, Illinois.
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