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"Freedom Tower" and Plans for the New York WTC Site


When architect Daniel Libeskind first proposed plans for the new World Trade Center at Ground Zero in New York City, he described a 1,776-foot skyscraper he called Freedom Tower. Libeskind's original design was altered as planners worked to make the building more secure from terrorist attacks.

In 2004, architect David Childs became the lead architect for Freedom Tower while Daniel Libeskind focused on the master plan for the World Trade Center site. Freedom Tower is now known simply as One World Trade Center. The drawings and models in this gallery show revised plans for the New York World Trade Center and Freedom Tower that were unveiled in 2005 and early 2006. Construction began in June 2006 and completion is planned for late 2013.

For an inside look at how the skyscraper evolved, see: Designing Freedom Tower

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"Freedom Tower" and other proposed buildings for the NY World Trade Center. 2006Manhattan SkylineProposal for reconstruction on Ground ZeroWorld Trade Center and Memorial Site plan for the New York World Trade CenterWorld Trade Center Master PlanSite Plan Drawing for the Freedom Tower ground floor1 World Trade Center Footprint
This model shows the base of One World Trade Center at nightBase of 1 WTCSpire at One World Trade CenterSpire at 1 WTCSection of One World Trade Center ("Freedom Tower")1 WTC Sectional ViewCurtain wall glass at One World Trade Center1 WTC Curtain Wall
West Plaza of One World Trade Center ("Freedom Tower")West Plaza at 1 WTCLobby of One World Trade Center ("Freedom Tower")1 WTC LobbyElevators lead down to the lower lobby of One World Trade Center ("Freedom Tower")1 WTC Lower LobbyConstruction on One World Trade Center ("Freedom Tower"), August 25, 20111 WTC Rises
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