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Upside-Down House in Syzmbark, Poland

Funny Pictures of Weird Architecture: Upside-Down House


Daniel Czapiewski, a designer and philanthropist, built this Upside-Down House as a satirical commentary on communism and the current state of the world.
Upside-Down House in Syzmbark, Poland

Upside-Down House in Syzmbark, Poland

Photo © Freshome.com, courtesy of PointClickHome.com
Daniel Czapiewski has become famous for his off-beat constructions. His name was entered in the Guinness World Records for carving the world's longest single piece of wood. However, Czapiewski told reporters that he didn't design the Upside-Down House merely to be weird. The communist regime had ended, but Czapierwski continued to see many human woes. By setting a traditional Polish house on its roof, Czapiewski wanted to express the disorientation people feel in a rapidly changing world.

Constructing the Upside-Down House took five times longer than expected because workers suffered dizziness and confusion. The Upside-Down House is now a popular tourist attraction and many visitors also complain of dizziness.

This photo of an Upside-Down House is from the Gravity-Defying Homes by Jennifer Chowdhury at pointclickhome.com and Elle Decor. To see more photos and watch videos of the Upside-Down House, visit Unusual-Architecture.com.

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