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Pod House in New York State

Funny Pictures of Weird Architecture: Pod House


Also known as the Mushroom House, this unusual home is modeled after the shape of the delicate wildflower, Queen Anne's Lace.
Pod House in New York State

Pod House, also known as the Mushroom House

Photo © Chris Marcera, courtesy of PointClickHome.com
Architect James H. Johnson was inspired by the shape of the local wildflower, Queen Anne's Lace, when he designed this unusual home in Powder Mills Park, near Rochester, New York. The home is actually a complex of several pods with connecting walkways. Perched atop thin stems, the pods are amusing yet eerie examples of organic architecture.

This photo of the Pod House is from the Gravity-Defying Homes by Jennifer Chowdhury featured on PointClickHome.com and Elle Decor. The Pod House was also featured on Offbeat America on HGTV and in the book Weird New York (compare prices).

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