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Beer Can House in Houson, Texas

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John Milkovisch, a retired employee of Southern Pacific railroad, spent 18 years ornamenting his home in Houston, Texas with about 39,000 beer cans.
Beer Can House in Houston, Texas

Beer Can House in Houston, Texas

Photo (cc) Flickr Member Mr. Kimberly
After he retired from Southern Pacific Railroad, John Milkovisch turned his 6-pack a day habit into an 18-year home renovation project. Using Coors, Texas Pride, and several brands of Lite beer, Milkovisch decorated his Houston, Texas house with aluminum siding made from flattened cans, streamers of beer can pull-tabs, and an odd assortment of beer can sculptures. Milkovisch died in 1988, but his house his house has been renovated and is now owned by the non-profit Orange Show Center for Visionary Art.
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