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Walking Down Wall Street


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55 Wall Street
Photo of the 55 Wall Street building with its rows of columns.

Distinctive colonnades are reminiscent of the Colosseum in Rome.

Photo © S. Carroll Jewell

55 Wall Street Fast Facts

  • 1842 (lower half); 1907 (upper half)
  • Merchants Exchange Building (lower half); National City Bank (upper half)
  • Isaiah Rogers, Architect (lower half); McKim, Mead, and White, Architects (upper half)

Palladian Ideas

At 55 Wall Street, note the series of granite columns (colonnades) one upon each other. The lower Ionic columns, designed by Isaiah Rogers, were built between 1836–1842. The upper Corinthian columns, designed by McKim, Mead & White, were added in 1907.

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Classical Greek and Roman architecture often includes colonnades. The Colosseum in Rome is an example of Doric columns on the first level, Ionic columns on the second level, and Corinthian columns on the third level. In the 16th century the Renaissance master Andrea Palladio used different styles of classical columns, which can be found in many Palladian buildings.

The Great Fire of 1835 burned down the original Merchants Exchange on this site.

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SOURCE: Landmarks Preservation Commission, December 21, 1965

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