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Post Office Buildings in the U.S.


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Cañon City, Colorado Post Office
Photo of Italian Renaissance Revival style post office.

The 1933 Cañon City Post Office became the Fremont Center for the Arts in 1992. Select the image to view full size in a new window.

Photo ©Jeffrey Beall, Creative Commons-licensed on flickr.com.


Like many post office buildings, the Cañon City Post Office & Federal Building was constructed during the Great Depression. Built in 1933, the building is an example of late Italianate Renaissance Revival. The block building, which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places (1/22/1986, 5FN.551), has foyer floors made of marble. Since 1992, the historic building has been the Fremont Center for the Arts—a good example of adaptive reuse.

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