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Post Office Buildings in the U.S.


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Mineral Wells, Texas Post Office
Photograph of classical columns at the old Mineral Wells Post Office in Texas.

The classical Mineral Wells, Texas post office was decommissioned in 1959. Select the image to view full size in a new window.

Photo ©QuesterMark, Creative Commons-licensed on flickr.com.


Like the old Cañon City Post Office in Colorado, the Old Mineral Wells Post Office has been preserved and repurposed for the community. The nearby historical marker describes the history of this majestic building in the middle of Texas:

"A surge of growth in this city after 1900 created a need for a larger post office. This structure was the third facility built here after postal service began in 1882. It was constructed between 1911 and 1913 of reinforced concrete and clad with stuccoed brick. Classical details standard to post offices of the era were highlighted with limestone trim. Interior lighting was originally both gas and electric. The design is credited to U.S. Treasury architect James Knox Taylor. The postal facility was closed in 1959 and the building was deeded that year to the city for community use."

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