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Architecture in Tennessee


Graceland, home to Elvis Presley

Graceland Mansion was home to rock 'n roll idol Elvis Presley. Today it is a National Historic Landmark and the most popular tourist attraction in Memphis, Tennessee. See a larger view

Photo © Mike Brown/Getty Images

A Guide for Travelers to Tennessee

From Memphis to Nashville, Tennessee offers a variety of interesting and often surprising architecture. The great state of Tennessee even boasts a house by Frank Lloyd Wright (the privately owned Seamour Shavin House in Chattanooga) and the controversial home of former Vice President Al Gore.

Must-See Buildings in Memphis, Tennessee:

Must-See Buildings in Nashville, Tennessee:

Must-See Buildings in Chattanooga, Tennessee:

Plantation Houses:

Victorian Tennessee:

  • Historic Rugby, a Utopian community founded by Thomas Hughes, author of Tom Brown's School Days

Architectural Firms:

Plan Your Trip to Tennessee:

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