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Architecture in New Orleans

Let the Good Times Roll


Creole Townhouse in New Orleans

Creole Townhouse in New Orleans

Photo by Maria Rodriguez / Flickr
Victorian Wrought Iron in New Orleans

Victorian Wrought Iron in New Orleans

Photograph by Nicole Morse / Flickr
French Colonial Plantation Home

French Colonial Plantation Home

Photo by Alvaro Prieto / Flickr

A Guide for Travelers to New Orleans

When hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, many people worried whether New Orleans could recover. Today the exotic city is bustling with new construction, pioneering sustainable design, and massive historic preservation projects. Plan your trip to New Orleans to include these must-see buildings.

Nicknames for New Orleans:

New Orleans is often called The Big Easy, which was the name of a popular 19th century dance hall. Over time, the name came to suggest that people who live in New Orleans are relaxed and easy-going.

New Orleans is also called the Crescent City because neighborhoods developed along the crescent-shaped curve of the Mississippi River.

Historic Architecture:

New Orleans House Tours:

New Orleans Walking Tours:

Significant Periods and Styles:

Characteristics of the Katrina Cottage Style (video)

Historic Hotels in New Orleans:

Hurricane Recovery in New Orleans:

Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast on August 29, 2005. Levees failed, neighborhoods flooded, and historic buildings were lost.

Although parts of New Orleans are still damaged, the French Quarter and other tourist areas are intact and many historic buildings have been beautifully restored. Moreover, the destruction caused by the hurricane and its aftermath inspired innovative new developments in affordable, sustainable home design.

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