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Urban Design and Landscape Architecture

From city parks to entire cities, landscape architects, civil engineers, artists, and urban planners work together to design vast public spaces. Learn about the fascinating and challenging projects involving landscape architecture, city and town planning, new urbanism, and outdoor art.
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Olmsted Escapes
The Olmsted legacy endures through the many public parks being preserved for everyone's enjoyment. This photo tour will help you plan a learning vacation.

Designing Public Spaces
Find information about designing many types of public spaces, including resources for landscape architecture, city and town planning, urban design, and outdoor art.

Great City Parks
Landscape architects work with urban planners to design city parks that integrate nature into an overall urban plan. Here are our picks for the worlds most noteworthy city parks.

Monuments in Public Spaces
An important part of planning public spaces is the design and placement of memorials. Many memorials, such as the Vietnam memorial in Washington DC and the National 9/11 Memorial in New York, stir heated debate.

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