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Tunnels: Great Underground Structures

Explore the world of underground construction. These resources introduce the engineering and design of the the world's great tunnels, subways, and underground transportation systems. Compiled by Jackie Craven.

The London Underground
Hit by terrorist bombs in July, 2005, the London Underground Railway has a long and respected history in the field of civil engineering. Affectionately known as the "Tube," it's the world's oldest passenger subway line. Here are facts and photos.

New York Underground
From the PBS American Experience television series, a look at the history and complex technology of the subway system in New York City.

The "Big Dig" in Boston
The Central Artery/Tunnel Project in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, has been called the largest, most complex, and technologically challenging highway project ever attempted in American history. Here are facts, photos, and a timeline of progress from 1982 until 2007.

English Channel Tunnel (Chunnel)
When England and France decided to link their two countries with a 32-mile rail tunnel beneath the English Channel, engineers were faced with a huge challenge. Here are facts, from the PBS site, Building Big.

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