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CN Tower, Toronto, Canada

Tall Towers: CN Tower, Toronto Canada


The American Society of Civil Engineers calls the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada one of the modern Seven Wonders of the World.
553.33 meters / 1,816 feet, 5 inches

Measuring 553.33 meters (1,816 feet, 5 inches), the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada is among the tallest structures in the world.

Photo © Bill Wrigley / Getty Images
Location: Toronto, Canada
Construction Type: Concrete
Architect: John Andrews Architects with WZMH Architects
Year: 1976
Height: 553.3 meters / 1,815 feet

About the CN Tower

The CN Tower was built by the Canadian National Railway to provide a major TV and radio communication system for Toronto, Canada. Ownership of the tower was transferred to Canada Lands Company, a real estate development corporation, in 1995. The name CN Tower now stands for Canada's National Tower instead of Canadian National Tower. However, most people simply use the abbreviation, CN Tower.

At the center of the CN Tower is a hollow, hexagon-shaped concrete pillar with electrical lines, plumbing, stairwells, and six elevators. At the peak is a 102-metre (334.6 ft) tall antenna that broadcasts TV and radio signals.

The main support pillar for the CN Tower was constructed by hydraulically raising a large metal platform from the base. A helicopter erected the antenna in 36 sections.

For many years, the CN Tower ranked as the world's tallest tower. However, the Tokyo Sky Tree in Japan is now taller, measuring 634 meters (2,080 feet). Also outranking the CN Tower is the Canton Tower in China, measuring 600 meters (1,968.5 ft).

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