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Architecture Pictures: Amazing Tall Towers

Pictures of Tall Towers, Observation Towers, and Radio and TV Towers


The towers in this photo gallery are truly amazing. Some are among the world's tallest man-made structures. Others are remarkable for the ingenuity of their engineering.

Unlike skyscrapers, none of these structures provide habitable living quarters or offices. Instead, these amazing tall towers function as radio and television communication platforms, observation decks, and tourist attractions.

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553.33 meters / 1,816 feet, 5 inchesCN Tower, Toronto, CanadaOstankino TV Tower in Moscow, RussiaOstankino Tower in Moscow, RussiaOriental Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai, ChinaOriental Pearl TV Tower in Shanghai, ChinaSpace Needle in Seattle, Washington The Space Needle
Montjuic Communications Tower by Santiago CalatravaMontjuic Communications Tower in Barcelona, SpainPhoto of Sky Tree, looking close up the tower.Tokyo Sky Tree, Japan
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