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This photograph shows a full-scale reproduction of the legendary Isthar gateway, an important portal into Babylon.
Exact reproduction of the ancient walls with bas relief images

Reproduction of the legendary Ishtar Gate (Bab Ishtar) in Babylon

Photo © Louis Sather, taken June 9th, 2003 while on active duty with the United States Army
One hour south of Baghdad, in the ancient city of Babylon, is a copy of the fabled Bab Ishtar Babylon - Door of Babylon. In its glory, Babylon was surrounded by thick masonry walls. Built in 604 to 562 B.C., the tall Isthar Gate, named after a Babylonian god, was ornamented with glazed brick relief images of dragons and young bulls surrounded by blue enameled tiles. The Ishtar Gate we see here is an full-scale reproduction, constructed about fifty years ago as a museum entrance.

A smaller reconstruction of the Ishtar Gateway, made from excavated bricks, is housed in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin.

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