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The Sydney Opera House by Jorn Utzon


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Frank Gehry Comments on the Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House Under Construction, 1957-1973

Sydney Opera House Under Construction, 1957-1973

Photo by John Garth/Max Dupain Courtesy of Jorn Utzon/Utzon Architects and the Pritzker Prize
Commentary by Frank Gehry, a Pritzker Laureate and Juror:

"[Jørn Utzon] made a building well ahead of its time, far ahead of available technology, and he persevered through extraordinary malicious publicity and negative criticism to build a building that changed the image of an entire country. It is the first time in our lifetime that an epic piece of architecture has gained such universal presence."

Source: Ceremony Speech, Thomas J. Pritzker [accessed October 18, 2013]

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