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Learning about architecture is an excellent way to practice skills in math, science, art, social studies, and language arts. This page is a one-stop resource for students, teachers, and parents. You'll find lesson plans, science fair project ideas, helpful books, and tips for using architecture in the classroom.
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Free Lesson Plans & Activities - Architecture
Architecture offers a world of possibilities for classroom learning. Listed here is just a sampling of fascinating lessons and activities that you can download for free and adapt to your own classroom.

Architecture Books for Kids - Before You Buy
You can help children learn about building and design by choosing books that speak to their imaginations and encourage them to create their own architectural projects. Let this list be your guide.

Design a House With Frank Lloyd Wright
Designed for grades 7 through 12, ArchitectStudio3D Design Studio and Gallery is a free online tool that lets kids design a house with Frank Lloyd Wright. The Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust and Educational Web Adventures (Eduweb®) developed the program. You'll find plenty of lesson plans and resources for teachers.

Salvadori Center
Columbia University Professor Mario Salvadori, who wrote the popular book Why Buildings Stand Up, founded this program to improve the teaching of math and science in middle schools. The Salvadori Center involves inner-city kids in "real world" design and construction activities.

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