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Architecture Pop-Up Books

3-Dimensional Architecture Books


Small children have long known the joys of pop-up books. Just unfold the pages or pull the tabs and flat pictures turn into three-dimensional forms. However, not all pop-up books are kid stuff. With detailed artwork and complex "paper engineering," some are designed for older, more sophisticated readers. Here are our favorite architecture pop-up books for readers of all ages.

1. Gaudi Pop-Ups

Gaudi Pop-Ups by Courtney Watson McCarthy
Gaudi Pop-Ups book cover courtesy PriceGrabber.com
People continue to be enthralled with the architecture of Antoni Gaudí, and this book is a great, colorful introduction to the modernist's works. Author Courtney Watson McCarthy has put together an interesting collection, mostly presenting a more theatrical staged look rather than eye-popping architectural detail. Nevertheless, paper architecture is graphic and scenic, and this book does the job.
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2. The Architecture Pop Up Book

A pop-up survey course of world architecture, from Egyptian pyramids and Greek classics to Frank Lloyd Wright and Frank Gehry, is a nifty introduction to the art of building.
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3. Frank Gehry in Pop-Up

The architecture of Frank Gehry is already entertaining, but this hard-cover pop-up book promises hours of fun. In 48 pages, eight Frank Gehry buildings are featured, including his famous Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain.
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4. Frank Lloyd Wright in Pop-Up

Frank Lloyd Wright in Pop-Up
Frank Lloyd Wright in Pop-Up book cover courtesy PriceGrabber.com
Frank Lloyd Wright has at least two versions of pop-up architecture, one by Iain Thomson and another by Roland Lewis. Wright's important and famous designs are all here, often depicted along with photographs and original plans and drawings. An excellent introduction to America's famous architect.
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5. The Architecture Pack

Subtitled "A Unique, Three-Dimensional Tour of Architecture over the Centuries : What Architects Do, How They Do It," this playful and educational book is just too good to give to the kids. Included are detailed paper models of famous buildings like the Roman Colosseum, transparencies that show the transformation of cities over time, and commentary on architectural history.
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6. The New York Pop-Up Book

Both children and adults will delight in seeing New York's grand structures spring to life. In addtion to the Metropolitan and Guggenheim museums, the federal Reserve and Stock Exchange, Times Square and Rockefeller Center, and other important buildings, the book includes New York's underground subway system.
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7. The Modern Architecture Pop-Up Book

This lush and hefty book has three-dimensional replicas of famous buildings from modern times including the Eiffel Tower, the Brooklyn Bridge, and London's Crystal Palace. Limited edition printing.
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8. Architectural Wonders Pop Up

Architectural Wonders Pop Up
Architectural Wonders Pop Up cover photo courtesy PriceGrabber.com
With the Sydney Opera House on the cover, this book reveals the third dimension of the world's most spectacular architecture. The pop-ups have received mixed reviews, but you won't be disappointed with the architecture, including the Taj Mahal, Neuschwanstein Castle, and the Empire State Building.
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9. Ondori Pop-Up Origamic Architecture

Professor Masahiro Chatani is credited with popularizing origamic architecture, which is more akin to architectural model-making than a passive pop-up book. Chatani's book gives you a chance to get your fingers into the building.
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