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Architecture Books for Kids

Great Books About Architecture for Children Ages 7-12


Children who are old enough to read and to complete simple crafts are ready for these fun and educational books about buildings and home design. Also remember that kids learn by doing. Try to combine quiet reading time with activities that let the child put ideas into action. See our resources list at the end of this article for more kid-friendly books about architecture.

1. Round Buildings, Square Buildings, and Buildings That Wiggle...

Designed to awe and inspire, this jewel of a book by Philip M. Isaacson combines lyrical language with lush, detailed photographs. Young readers will gain appreciation for the unique features that give famous buildings their beauty and character.
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2. Under Every Roof

Subtitled "A Kid's Style and Field Guide to the Architecture of American Houses," this sturdy hardbound has 170 color drawings and descriptions of more than thirty different house styles. Author Patricia Brown Glenn explains why houses take on particular features, and also provides information for historic houses kids can visit.
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3. Frank Lloyd Wright for Kids: His Life and Ideas

A lively mix of activities, crafts, and biographical information, this fun book lets children experience the life and work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Illustrations of Wright's buildings appear throughout the book.
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4. Day in the Life of an Architect

From the Kids' Career Library (Rosen Publishing), a 24-page picture book that describes what architects do during a typical day. Do your children think architecture is for boys? This slim little volume puts a woman architect in the spotlight. ISBN: 0823952975
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