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Katrina Kernel Cottage II by Steve Mouzon - Kitchen

Photo © 2006 Jackie Craven

The living area of this Katrina Cottage has a compact kitchen along one wall. All the appliances are cost-saving "Energy Star" compliant. But sustainable, green design is much more than providing the right appliances.

"The program's original cottage designs had one deficiency in common: they did not expand easily because, as the designs became smaller, more exterior wall space was used for cabinets, bathrooms, closets, etc., preventing expansion. This is the first cottage in the program designed to be highly expandable. Because they are obviously expandable to the casual observer, more customers are likely to buy them, rather than starting with a much larger house."

"Grow Zones" are built into the design. View the floor plan at Mouzon Design.

Source: Expandability, Congress for the New Urbanism website [accessed August 11, 2014]

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