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Construction Facts

How do bridges and towers work? What makes buildings stand up... or fall down? For anyone who is curious about the basic principles of construction, these articles provide fun and easy engineering facts.
  1. Building Parts (4)
  2. Construction Materials (20)
  3. Disasters and Collapses
  4. How Buildings Stand Up (5)

Half-Timbered Construction
Half-timbered construction was a decorative detail often used on Tudor Revival houses. Learn more.

Leaning Buildings
Most tall buildings stand up straight, but sometimes things go wrong. The buildings in this picture gallery seem about to collapse. What holds them up? Read on.

Did 9/11 Change The Way We Build?
Find out how post-September 11 building codes and safety laws have changed architecture.

What is the World's Tallest Building?
Skyscraper buffs disagree on building height. This short FAQ page discusses the problems we encounter when measuring and comparing skyscrapers and other tall buildings.

Construction at About.com
The About.com network has its own expert to construction. Learn all about the construction industry at About dot com.

Big Project Watch
Information on the biggest civil engineering projects worldwide.

Construction Specifications Institute (CSI)
Working towards the standardization of construction documents.

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