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Where can you find tools to draw a simple floor plan?


Drawing of a simple floor plan

Drawing this simple floor plan took less than an hour using an easy online tool. See a larger view

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Question: Where can you find tools to draw a simple floor plan?

A new homeowner writes that she would like to draw a simple floor plan to help with remodeling and decorating projects.

"I figured I could find some simple tools on the web, but all I can find is software intended for 3-D design," she says. "Most do not make drawing to some scale or designating distance easily."

Are there simple online tools to help draw floor plans?


High powered home design software and CAD (computer aided design) programs can do many complex tasks and will create beautiful scale drawings. Most home design programs are fairly easy to learn, but all the bells and whistles aren't necessary if a floor plan is all you need.

Want something even less complicated? Several easy, online tools will let you whip together a simple floor plan without any special training. The floor plan shown on this page has a few goofs, but it took less than an hour to create... and it helped rent an apartment to a prospective tenant.

Favorite Online Floor Plan Tools:


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