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Two International Finance Centre (IFC)

Pictures of the World's Tallest Buildings: Two IFC, Hong Kong


Shaped like a shimmering obelisk, the Two IFC building towers over Victoria Harbour on the north shore of Hong Kong Island.
414 meters / 1,362 feet tall

Two International Finance Centre (IFC) in Hong Kong. Cesar Pelli, Architect.

Photo ©iStockPhoto.com/Norman Chan
Location: Hong Kong
Architect: Cesar Pelli
Year: 2003
Height: 414 meters / 1,362 feet
Stories: 88

About Two IFC

Two IFC is the taller of two International Finance Centre buildings and part of a US$2.8 billion complex that includes a luxury shopping mall, the Four Seasons Hotel, and Hong Kong Station. The complex is located on the north shore of Hong Kong Island, across from Victoria Harbour where an even taller skyscraper, the International Commerce Centre (ICC), is nearing completion.

Architect Cesar Pelli was selected to design the Two IFC skyscraper after winning an international design competition.

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