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Pictures of the World's Tallest Buildings: Emirates Towers


Emirates Office Tower and its smaller sister, Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel, are soaring symbols of Dubai City.
Office Tower: 355 meters / 1,165 feet tall. Hotel: 309 meters / 1,014 feet tall.

Emirates Towers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Norr Group, Architects.

Photo ©iStockPhoto.com/Mark Hirst
Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Architect: Norr Group Consultants Int. Ltd., Hazel W.S. Wo
Emirates Office Tower Year: 1999
Emirates Office Tower Height: 355 meters / 1,165 feet
Emirates Office Tower Stories: 54
Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel Year: 2000
Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel Height: 309 meters / 1,014 feet
Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel Stories: 56

About Emirates Towers:

A two-story shopping arcade called The Boulevard connects the sister skyscrapers in the Emirates Towers complex. Emirates Office Tower much taller than Jumeirah Emirates Towers Hotel, but the hotel has more stories. This is because the office tower has higher ceilings.

The Emirates Towers complex is surrounded by gardens with lakes and waterfalls.

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