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CITIC Plaza, Guangzhou

Pictures of the World's Tallest Buildings: CITIC Plaza


The China International Trust and Investment Company (CITIC) building in Guangzhou is the world's tallest skyscraper made of reinforced concrete.
391 meters / 1,283 feet tall

CITIC Plaza in Guangzhou, China, DLN Architects.

Photo by Daniel Villoldo/NonCommercial-ShareAlike
Location: Guangzhou, China
Architect: DLN Architects
Year: 1997
Height: 391 meters / 1,283 feet
Stories: 80

About CITIC Plaza:

The CITIC office tower in Guangzhou, China is flanked by two 38-story apartment buildings. The CITIC Plaza complex also has a train station, a metro station, and the Tianhe Sports Center.

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