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The Woolworth Building

Skyscraper Pictures: The Woolworth Building, New York


Architect Cass Gilbert combined Gothic design with modern technology when he designed the Woolworth Building in New York City.
The Woolworth Building by Cass Gilbert

The Woolworth Building by Cass Gilbert

Photo © Jeff Gynane / iStockPhoto.com
The Woolworth Building
Location: 233 Broadway, New York, NY, USA
Architect: Cass Gilbert
Year: 1911–1913
Height: 241 meters / 792 feet
Stories: 57

About the Woolworth Building:

Architect Cass Gilbert spent two years, drawing thirty different proposals, for the office building commissioned by Frank W. Woolworth, owner of the dime store chain. Soaring 792 feet high, the Neo-Gothic skyscraper was the world's tallest building until the Chrysler Building was erected in 1929.

Cass Gilbert combined Gothic design with modern technology in this New York highrise. It had a steel frame to withstand high winds and high-speed elevators with air cushions that would stop a car from falling. The ornate lobby was lavished with marble, bronze and mosaics. Gothic-inspired details adorned the cream-colored terra cotta facade.

The gargoyles on the Woolworth Building caricature Gilbert, Woolworth, and other famous people.

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