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Something about a skyscraper inspires awe and wonder. The skyscrapers in this photo gallery aren't necessarily the world's tallest, but they rank high for the beauty and ingenuity of their design. Explore these photos to see the evolution of the modern era skyscraper. Learn about the history of high-rises from the 1800s, including the Home Insurance Building, which many consider to be the first skyscraper, and the Wainwright, which became a prototype for high-rise office building architecture. For more skyscraper facts and photos, also see:
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Black and white photo of 19th century high-rise office building.The Home Insurance BuildingThe Wainwright Building in St. Louis, MissouriThe Wainwright Building Photo of high-rise building in Chicago.The Manhattan BuildingPhoto of massive, high-rise building in Chicago, 1970s, with a SEARS sign on the side.Leiter II Building
The Flatiron Building in New York CityThe Flatiron BuildingThe Woolworth Building by Cass GilbertThe Woolworth Building Built in 1924, the Tribune Tower in Chicago is Neo-Gothic in designChicago Tribune Tower The Art Deco Chrysler Building in New York City has jazzy automobile ornaments The Chrysler Building
The Art Deco 70 Pine Street, the former AIG Building, in New York City. 290 meters / 952 feet tall70 Pine Street The art deco 1933 skyscraper by Raymond Hood GE Building (30 Rock)The Seagram Building in New York CitySeagram BuildingThe John Hancock Tower, BostonJohn Hancock Tower
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