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Skyscrapers and World's Tallest Building

Your source for information on skyscrapers and other tall buildings, with Net links to the world's highest buildings, tall building photos, tall building statistics, and information archives for skyscrapers and highrises.

What is the World's Tallest Building?
Deciding which buildings are the world's tallest is more complicated than you might think. How are buildings measured, and which buildings rank among the highest?

World's Tallest Buildings Ranked
Use this chart to find fast facts and statistics for the tallest buildings in the world. More than 100 skyscrapers are compared--most completed, some still under construction.

What is a Skyscraper?
This page answers many basic questions about very tall buildings -- who measures height, who invented skyscrapers, and how tall is tall.

World's Tallest Skyscrapers
This photo gallery has pictures and facts for the 12 tallest skyscrapers ever built.

Pioneering Skyscrapers
The skyscrapers in this photo gallery aren't necessarily the tallest in the world, but they pioneered skyscraper design, and often broke world records when they were constructed.

Walking Down Wall Street
Skyscrapers on Wall Street in New York City have come to symbolize wealth and power. Here's a photo tour with facts and resources.

Top Skyscraper Gift Books
With glossy photos and fascinating facts and statistics, these books are sure to please the skyscraper enthusiast.

Top Skyscraper Videos
Since the dawn of Hollywood, highrises have played leading roles in the movies. Here are our favorite skyscraper films available on video.

Top Skyscraper Websites
To find facts, photos, and statistics about skyscrapers and other tall buildings, turn to these trusted websites.

Building Big
Television series on building bridges, tunnels, dams, skyscrapers and domes. Lots of good information about Civil Engineering

Building Big: Skyscrapers
From the Public Broadcasting television show "Building Big," an introduction to skyscraper construction with links to information about some of the world's tallest buildings.

How Skyscrapers Work
From "How Stuff Works," a discussion of the design techniques that allow tall buildings to stand up, and the reasons why some fall down.

The Skyscraper Museum
Located in New York City, the Skyscraper Museum celebrates the city's architectural heritage. Through exhibitions, programs, and publications, the museum explores many aspects of tall building design and construction.

Taipei 101 Tower in Taipei, Taiwan
The Taipei 101 Tower in Taipei, Taiwan was once the world's tallest building, and still ranks high.

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