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School Architecture: Build Better Schools

The size and shape of our school buildings can shape the way we teach and learn. The resources on this page explore the architecture of schools, from kindergarten buildings to universities. Also find information on campus design, creating secure school buildings, and the history of school architecture.

Winning School Designs
In 2009, the Open Architecture Network invited students, teachers, and designers to work together to create schools for the future. Here are the winners.

Safe School Design
Architects explore ways to help prevent shootings and other acts of violence on school campuses.

Architects Design Tomorrow's Schools
Computer technologies and new approaches to learning make traditional classroom configurations impractical. Here's a peek at tomorrow's schools, with design guidelines and resources.

Best Books On School Design
Architects who design schools face many challenges. The school design must provide safety, facilitate learning, accommodate new technologies, and incorporate ever-changing theories about how students learn. For important concepts, construction advice, photographs, and plans, explore these important books on school design.

The Oldest Wooden Schoolhouse In The USA
This tiny house in St. Augustine, Florida is thought to be the oldest wood school building in the United States. By examining its construction, you can see how buildings were made in America's colonies.

School Campuses designed by Frederick Law Olmstead
Some of the most picturesque college campuses in the United States were designed by Frederick Law Olmsted or his partners.

DesignShare for Innovative Schools
The DesignShare Web site is a central resource for information on innovative school design. You'll find photographs, articles, research, and other resources related to the architecture of schools, from early childhood through the university level.

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