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Prize-Winning Solar-Powered Houses from the 2007 Solar Decathlon


Sleek. Sexy. Solar. These high-tech houses are state-of-the-art solar, designed and built by college students for the "Solar Decathlon" sponsored by the US Department of Energy. The Solar Decathlon is held every two years to showcase innovative energy-efficient design. Finalists in the Solar Decathlon competition travel to Washington D.C. where they assemble their completely self-powered homes on the National Mall.

The interior of each home is no more than 800 square feet, but porches and and courtyards often create a sense of spaciousness. Using only power from the sun, these small but attractive homes provide enough energy to operate televisions, computers, laundry machines, stoves, heating and cooling units, and other modern-day appliances.

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Inspired by nature's ultimate solar collectorLEAFHouse Solar HomeBy students from the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid "Casa Solar" Solar HomeBy students from Texas A&M University Solar Home With Interchangeable RoomsSupport for solar electric panels, solar thermal tubes, and vegetated screens Light Canopy for Solar Home
Geothermal heat pumpRooftop Pond for Solar HomeLight transforms spaceSolar Home With Translucent Walls: DaytimeIlluminated at nightSolar Home With Translucent Walls: NightStructural insulated panelsKansas Project Solar House
Hot water for heating and coolingSolar Thermal Collectors Designed by students from the Technishe Universitat DarmstadtLiving Zones in Solar HomeDesigned by students from the Technishe Universitat Darmstadt Louvers on Solar HomeBy students from Technische Universitat DarmstadtWinning Solar Home
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