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Repair and Restoration Solutions

Follow these links for help with common repair and restoration problems, including painting damaged wood, restoring stucco, and repairing mortar. Also be sure to explore our Historic Preservation resources for more information about the care of older buildings. Resources compiled by Jackie Craven.
  1. Historic Preservation

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient
Preservation Brief 3, written for the Technical Preservation Services of the National Park Service, provides guidelines and principles applicable to any building, whether or not historic. Read a summary of suggestions with links to further exploration.

How To Find the Age of Your Old House
Knowing the age of your old house may help with home repairs and renovations. Here are some tips for starting your research.

Washington Monument Illumination - Shining a Light on Architecture
Restoration of the Washington Monument has exemplified the challenges faced with illuminating iconic architecture when scaffolding is necessary. Explore solutions by designer Michael Graves.

Solve Exterior Paint Problems
A technical guide from the United States parks service, with detailed instructions on how to solve paint problems on old wood.

Repair Historic Stucco
A detailed technical guide from the United States parks service.

About Home Repair
For information about all types of home repairs and a discussion forum where you can ask questions, don't miss the Home Repair site here at About.com.

Easy Home Repairs
Squeaky floors? Leaky roof? Hungry mosquitoes? Find solutions for your household dilemmas in this monthly column from House & Garden magazine.

Renovation Tips
Lots of general information from roof repair to refinishing a floor, from Phouka's Home Renovation site.

Ask The Builder
Home site for the nationally syndicated columnist Tim Carter, with a search engine to help you find answers to your remodeling questions.

Bob Vila
See restoration projects profiled on the Web site for the popular HGTV fix-it guy, Bob Vila.

Brick House Renovation
Outlines the potential problems that can be encountered, plus other brick house renovation tips. From Phouka's Brick House Renovation Page.

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