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Posting Photos in the Forum: Troubleshooting
Discussion Forum links and options

Below your message window, you will find links and options

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Ok, you've tried Method 1 and Method 2, and your photos aren't showing. What now?

Problem: Tried to copy and paste, but photo doesn't appear


  • Make sure that you are copying from a live Web page on the Internet.
  • Make sure that the Web page is not restricted or password-protected. Photos in online galleries such as Yahoo photo pages often can't be copied. You may be able to view the image, but no one else can! If this is happening to you, try placing your photo on a different Web site, or use Method 2 to attach your photo.

    Problem: Tried to upload and attach photos, but the Browse button is missing.

    Solution:If you do not see a Browse button, then look for this list of links below your message box:

    Post | Preview | Cancel | Spell Check | Options
    Click on the word Options and the gray Browse button will appear.

    Problem: Tried to upload and attach photos, but the process stalled.


  • Check the size of your photo. It should be no wider than 900 pixels.
  • Check the format of your photo. The best formats to use are jpg or gif.
  • Watch out for memory-hogging. If you upload too many photos, you will use up the free storage that comes with your Forum membership.

    Thank you for sharing your photos. We look forward to seeing them!

    To avoid violating copyright laws, please do not post pictures that don't belong to you. See: Copyright Notes

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