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Life in a 1900 House


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Floor Plan of the 1900 House
Floor Plan of the 1900 House

Floor Plan of the 1900 House

Image courtesy of Thirteen/WNET

Located in Greenwich, a suburb of London, England, the 1900 House from the popular British television series is a late-Victorian terraced townhouse. Here's a peek inside.

Front Parlor
The largest room in the 1900 house was more for looking than living. The front parlor was the reception hall and the showplace. Here, vases, statuettes and other decorative items which symbolized the family's status were displayed.

Back Parlor
The smaller back parlor served as the recreation and dining room. In this small space, the entire family assembled for games, conversation, music and meals.

The kitchen was the control center of the home. Here food was prepared and important household business was conducted. The coal burning range was the central heat source heat for the household. In keeping with its importance, the kitchen was as large as the parlor.

The scullery was a small room adjacent to the kitchen. It held the "copper" for boiling clothes and other cleaning equipment. In 1900, cleaning was a long and laborious task, and even modest households often hired servants to work in the scullery.

Victorian bedrooms were not designed for sex. They also were not created to accommodate reading, exercise or other recreational pursuits. Small and dimly lit, they would not hold today's queen sized beds. Children shared rooms, sometimes piling into a single bed.

In Victorian times, the bathroom was a status symbol. Only well-to-do families had a tub, and a toilet was rarely installed inside the house. In this floor plan, the bathroom is a small second floor room appointed with a tub and a washstand. The toilet is housed in a closet-sized shed, outside behind the scullery.

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