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3 Months in a 1900 House
The 1900 House from the British TV series

The 1900 House from the British TV series

Photo: Chris Ridley, courtesy Thirteen/WNET

Victorian houses may be beautiful... But could you live in one? Look what happened to the Bowlers. The adventurous family volunteered to spend three months in a Victorian townhouse for a British television series, The 1900 House. Stripped of every modern convenience, the house was professionally restored to its 1900 appearance and function.

The television show looked at the hardships the Bowlers faced as they tried to deal with the lack of electricity and modern appliances. Chamber pots, cold baths, and a malfunctioning coal-burning range lead to frayed nerves and short tempers.

But the lack of modern technology was only part of the problem. As the Bowler family tried to adapt to life in the Victorian home, they discovered that the essential shape of the house - the floor plan - affected their lives in subtle yet profound ways.

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