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Life in a 1900 House


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Could You Live in a Victorian House?
Victorian Gothic home in Fredericksburg, VA

Could you live comfortably in a Victorian home like this one in Fredericksburg, VA?

Photo: ClipArt.com

If you've ever tried to live in an older home, you may have experienced the frustration of trying to fit modern lifestyles into rooms designed for a different era. Where do you put the computer? How do you squeeze a queen bed into a bedroom the size of a closet? And speaking of closets... Where are they?

Floor plans are the blueprints of our lives. They tell us what to do, where to do it and how many people we can do it with. Most historic homes have been modernized. Walls have been removed, closets carved out of stairwells, pantries turned into powder rooms. But what about a truly authentic Victorian, unaltered by time. Could you live comfortably inside one?

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