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House Paint Color Guide: Frank Lloyd Wright's Cherokee Red


Frank Lloyd Wright's signature color, Cherokee Red, harmonizes interior rooms with the natural colors of brick and wood.
The Zimmerman House by Frank Lloyd Wright

The Zimmerman House by Frank Lloyd Wright

Photo by J. David Bohl, Courtesy Currier Museum of Art
Frank Lloyd Wright designed with an eye toward uniformity. At the Zimmerman House in Manchester, New Hampshire, interior and exterior spaces flow together. The same autumnal colors are used throughout.

Frank Lloyd Wright was known for using a brownish red he called Cherokee red. Made with iron oxide, Cherokee red was not one exact color but a whole range of reddish hues, some dark and some more vivid. In this photo, gold and red furnishings harmonize with colors of the woodwork and bricks.

How much did Wright love this color? According to early plans, Frank Lloyd Wright colors at the New York Guggenheim began with Cherokee red. More House Paint Color Tips >

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