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House Paint Color Guide: Paint Colors to Match the Roof


This cottage has a green roof, so the siding is painted a similar gray-green color.
This Victorian cottage is painted a dusty shade of green

Siding: Sherwin Williams Pensive Sky, SW1195. Gable: Sherwin Williams Mystery Green, SW1194. Trim: Benjamin Moore AC-1. Details: Benjamin Moore Country Redwood.

Photo © Jackie Craven
Unless you plan to install a new roof, you'll want to choose paint colors that complement the color of your roof shingles. New paint doesn't have to match existing colors, but it should harmonize. Some ideas:
  • Green roof - Gray, green, or white house colors
  • Black roof - Gray, blue, or white house colors
  • Brown roof - Brown, tan, yellow, or white house colors
  • Gray roof - Gray, blue, green, black, or white house colors
  • Red roof - Gray, black, or brown house colors

The cottage in this photo is painted dusty green to harmonize with the green roof. Architectural details are accented in off-white and burgundy.

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