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House Paint Color Guide: Colors for Look-Alike Cottages


When houses are clustered close together, they create a unified color scheme. Each home is distinct, but also part of a larger picture.
Colorful cottages in a seaside village

Colorful cottages in a seaside village

Photo © Kevin Miller / iStockPhoto.com
These look-alike Victorian cottages cluster along a winding road in a seaside village. Each house is painted a different color, yet the overall effect is harmonious.

The three neighboring houses in this photo are painted taupe, gold, and slate blue. The colors do not clash because each house borrows at least one color from its neighbor. The porch columns and gable details on the gold-colored house are painted taupe, like the house next door. The eaves and other architectural details on all three houses are painted similar russet hues. These repeated touches of dark red unify the three houses.

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