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House Paint Color Guide

Paint Color Ideas for Your House


Richmond Bisque? Deep Russet? Hickory? The names are enough to make your head spin. Choosing a paint color becomes even more baffling when you consider that most houses use at least three different shades:
  • one color for the siding;
  • another color for eaves, moldings, and other trim;
  • and a third color for accents such as doors, railings, and window sashes.
What colors should you choose for your house? For color help and ideas, browse our gallery of house paint pictures. Need more help? Scroll down the page for links to handy paint color tools.
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Roseland Cottage in Woodstock, ConnecticutHistoric ColorsGreen and pink attracts shoppers to a St. Augustine antique shopJazzy ColorsColorful cottages in a seaside villageColorful CottagesA colorful garden inspired the paint color for this cheerful yellow bungalow.Nature's Colors
This Victorian cottage is painted a dusty shade of greenRoof Colors Queen Anne home in Saratoga, New YorkBrick and StoneThe Zimmerman House by Frank Lloyd WrightWright's RedVictorian home in St. Augustine, FloridaDetail Colors
Hill-Stead Museum in Farmington, ConnecticutClassic WhiteRed details dramatize a dormer painted harvest goldDramatic AccentsThe Harriet Beecher Stowe House in Hartford, ConnecticutSubtle Colors Blue and white with red detailsBalanced Color
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