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Old-House Research

How old is your house? Who built your house? What style is your house and what did it look like when it was new? These tools and guides will help you conduct architectural investigations and find answers to questions about house styles, housing types, and architectural details.

Find the Age of Your House
Are you wondering when your house was constructed? Here's how to estimate the age of a building using simple clues and some easy detective work.

Find the Floor Plan for Your Old House
Over the years, your home may have been remodeled many times. What did the original floor plan look like? Look for these clues.

Find Out Whether Frank Lloyd Wright Designed Your Home
Frank Lloyd Wright designed hundreds of homes during his lifetime, and left plans for many more. Is your home among Wright's designs?

Architectural Investigation: A How-To Guide
This weighty Preservation Brief from the U.S. Department of the Interior has detailed technical advice for researching historic buildings.

Life in a 1900 House
Victorian houses may be beautiful... But could you live in one? Here are floor plans for a famous TV house, plus a choice collection of Victorian house plans you can view on the Web.

Trace the Genealogy of Your Home
Learn how to trace the history of your home or other historic property using these helpful resources from our genealogy expert.

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