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Research Tools

The Web offers vast resources for the serious researcher, but where do you begin? Listed here our our favorite reference tools for architecture and home design. Included are online libraries, databases, archives, publications, organizations, news sources, and discussion forums.
  1. Architecture Atlas
  2. Architecture Blogs (7)
  3. Architecture Books (39)
  4. Architecture Discussion Forums (6)
  5. Architecture Photos
  6. Contests & Awards (2)
  7. Dictionaries (185)
  8. Guest Writers (8)
  9. Libraries (3)
  10. Magazines (28)
  11. Mailing Lists (8)
  12. Organizations (51)

Research Architecture Online
You can't find everything on the Web, but you'll be amazed at how much architectural data is freely available online. Here are our favorite resources for in-depth architectural research.

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