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Find Storage Space: Don't Skimp on the Garage

With the popularity of SUVs it is important you make sure your new garage will be large enough. Here are tips.

Find Storage Space: Add an Island

A small island makes a perfect place for extra storage. Here are tips.

Find Storage Space: Don't Forget the Linen Cabinets!

Make sure to plan for storage in your new bathroom. Here are tips.

Find Storage Space: Create Built-in Seating

Create extra storage space with built-in seating. Here are tips.

Find Storage Space: Plan for Attic Storage

A steep roof will give you room for extra storage in the attic

Find Storage Space: Add Storage Under the Stairs

Use the space beneath your stairs for extra storage.

Find Storage Space: Add Space in the Walls

Need more room? Install a recessed cabinet! Recessed cabinets are designed to fit between the 16 inch studs found in most homes. You can install a recessed cabinet in just a few hours without expensive equipment or power tools.

Find Storage Space: Build High Ceilings

Tall ceilings can be used to carve out more storage space in your home.

Frank Lloyd Wright in New Hampshire

See two Usonian style Frank Lloyd Wright houses in Manchester, New Hampshire. Use this travel guide to plan your trip.

Relaxing Home Design: Make Easy Changes

Design a relaxing home. Instead of launching a full-scale remodeling project, begin with these easy changes.

Relaxing Home Design: Plan for Comfort and Convenience

Designing a relaxing home may mean rethinking the placement of rooms and furnishings. Tips and resources for choosing building plans and floor plans for a relaxing home.

Relaxing Home Design: Involve the Entire Family

To create a peaceful, welcoming home, involve the entire family. Find tips for designing a relaxing home.

Relaxing Home Design: Move Slowly

Changing the appearance or layout of your home is, in itself, potentially stressful. More tips for relaxing home design...

Relaxing Home Design: Love Nature

Homes designed for peaceful living often blur the boundaries between indoors and out. Here are tips for eco-friendly, relaxing home design.

Relaxing Home Design: Feed Your Senses

Relaxing homes feed the senses with light, color, aroma, and sound. These tips and resources will help you design a beautiful, relaxing home.

Relaxing Home Design: Choose Calming Shapes and Lines

For relaxing rooms, choose calming shapes and lines. Here are tips for designing a relaxing home.

Relaxing Home Design: Follow Your Instincts

The atmosphere of a room is more than the sum of its decor. Find out how to create relaxing spaces where you will feel at peace.

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