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Top 9 Gift Books for Castle Lovers

Beautiful Photo Books About Castles


More than just architectural wonders, castles are rich with history and romance. From medieval fortresses to modern-day mansions, castles continue to inspire awe. For beautiful photographs and stories of about the world's great castles, check out these photo books and travel guides.

1. Castles and Palaces of Europe

Castles and Palaces of Europe

240 color illustrations make this chronicle of castle facts and anecdotes especially delightful. Not just a coffee-table book, Castles and Palaces of Europe is also a helpful reference work.

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2. Castles and Fortresses

Castles and Fortresses

This broad-reaching book takes readers on a pictorial journey through the castles of Europe and the Middle East, touring England, Scotland, France, Germany, Denmark, & Syria. In 120 pages, author Robin S. Oggins briefly describes the evolution of the castle from its early beginnings to the 19th and 20th centuries.

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3. American Castles: A Pictorial History

During America's Gilded Age, wealthy industrialists in the United States built grand mansions that mimicked the massive scale of European fortresses. But, of course, America's modern day "castles" offered a kind of luxury that could not be found in medieval days. In this 80-page hardcover, you'll find the Hearst mansion/castle, the Winchester Mystery House, the Hammond castle, Ca'd'Zan, and other modern-day castles.

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4. Castles of Britain and Ireland: The Ultimate Reference Book

"Ultimate" is an apt description of this 312-page guide. The book includes more than 1,350 castles categorized by region. You'll find castle histories along with information about the people who built them and the battles that were fought there. Written by Somerset Fry and David Lyons.

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5. Castle

Writer and illustrator David Macaulay takes us inside an imaginary Welsh castle and lets us watch its construction brick by brick. Although written for children, anyone who is fascinated by castles will enjoy the detailed information about moats, dungeons, plumbing, and other technologies.

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6. Castles and Ancient Monuments of England

Subtitled, "A County by County Guide to More Than 350 Historic Sites." Author Damien Noonan inventories virtually hundreds of English castles and provides maps, travel directions, and information about facilities, tour hours, and admission prices.

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7. Castles & Ancient Monuments of Scotland

Also by Damien Noonan, this extensive travel guide explores Scottish castles and other sites of historic interest. The book includes maps, directions, hours, prices, photos, and more.

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8. English Castles: A Guide by Counties

More than 500 English castles, with history, the years they were built, and the people who lived in them. The book also includes historic town walls and other sites of interest in each region, plus a glossary of castle terminology.

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9. Welsh Castles: A Guide by Counties

From the first Norman invaders to the palaces of later middle ages, this book provides a brief account of every surviving Welsh castle and town fortifications. Book includes a detailed glossary.

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